Listen to Ginger Rogers on the radio while having your morning coffee!

Open year-round for short-term rental. Some days are blocked for special events for the public at this site.

We purchased this home in 2016

and restored it over a two year period

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The bathroom with the original corner sink and claw-foot tub

Hollywood scriptwriter Lela Owens-Rogers rented this home in 1911. She gave birth to the later famous Hollywood actress and dancer Ginger Rogers in this home on July 16, 1911

Bedroom with daybed (size of twin)

Retro-look small appliances including a shake machine!

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Enjoy a period-look brand new kitchen

Bedroom with queen bed

See Ginger Roger' Family Tree in the kitchen

All brand new retro-look appliances 

Owens-Rogers House

2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths

Birthplace of Ginger Rogers

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