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Article in the Independence Examiner newspaper

Ginger Rogers Festival July 14-15, 2018

Project director: Marge Padgitt

Project manager: Gene Padgitt'

Property manager: Frank Lombardo



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Kitchen before

Three Trails Cottages, LLC

Before pictures

Photo taken in the fall of 2017- yellow color with white trim

100 W Moore Street, Independence, Missouri  
​Ginger Rogers was born in this house on July 16, 1911. She visited the house

several times during her lifetime. We restored the house to as close to original condition as possible, repaired structural issues, and installed antique furniture and museum items. The general contractor is Gene Padgitt with HearthMasters, Inc. 

Kitchen after walls were removed. The window was on the left side of the exterior wall in an inconvenient place.

The Owens-Rogers House Restoration Project

Birthplace of Ginger Rogers

Kitchen before

Freshly painted with new heritage cream color with white trim and new chimney to match 1942 photos. Taken July 2018

AFTER: Kitchen

Right: Kitchen completed - view of exterior wall with window moved to center, and view if interior wall.  We used one of the original windows, installed new period look 1940's look GE appliances, a farmhouse sink, subway tile backsplash, quarts countertops, a1920's light fixtures, and new beadboard cabinets. 

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